Port of Seattle Commissioner
Fred Felleman


I’m excited to run for re-election because there’s still so much for me to contribute to our community and the Port of Seattle.

Together, we will continue to increase the Port’s economic impact while reducing its greenhouse gas footprint.

We will promote green innovations while continuing to protect our working waterfront to stimulate an economy that works for everyone.

And I will never lose sight of the need to address impacts the port has on communities surrounding the airport and seaport.

Please join me in this effort, Fred


It’s been an incredible honor to have been entrusted with the responsibility to serve the people of King County as one of your five elected Port of Seattle Commissioners.

In addition to the accomplishments I championed as a member of the Commission—detailed throughout this website— I’m particularly proud to have been part of a major change in leadership at the Port. During my tenure we have hired a new Executive Director, Airport Director, and chief Legal Counsel. While the impact of these changes is only beginning to be felt in the community, it’s a new day at the Port. We also have two new talented commissioners who hit the ground running.

This is also a truly transformative time for Seattle and King County, with the Viaduct coming down and the Port’s unprecedented increases in investments in our seaport and airport. Collectively these changes, along with strategic decisions regarding light rail siting, is nothing short of a renaissance for our region.

I’m excited to run for re-election this year because there’s still so much for me to contribute to the community and the Port of Seattle. I hope you will take a moment to review my accomplishments and goals for the future.

Together, we will continue to work to protect our working waterfront in order to support and create well-paying jobs, and an inclusive and growing economy. We also need to reduce the Port’s greenhouse gas footprint and lessen our impacts on communities surrounding the airport and seaport. It’s not simply about promoting growth but responsibly managing the growth we promote.

I’m proud to share with you some of my most prominent accomplishments, but it’s important to remember that little can be accomplished without the expertise and collaboration of my fellow commissioners and staff.

I came to the Port primarily to help it achieve its Century Agenda goal of being the greenest, most energy efficient port in the nation. But I’m equally aware of how those goals not only impact the lives of people who live near the port, but those whose livelihoods depend on the Port as well.

And who would have guessed that having a Commissioner with a background as a killer whale biologist would have been so relevant given the plight of our increasingly endangered resident orca? Where else but here can you have an espresso in the morning and an orca sighting in the evening? I’m committed to saving our region's iconic orca and to maintaining a healthy environment so that this will remain the best place on earth to live and work.

Thank you for the incredible opportunity to continue this work. I’d be grateful to have your support as I hit the campaign trail again.



Fred Felleman

Seattle Port Commissioner