Second Term Goals

We have accomplished much during my first term in office. With your help I will continue this work and remain open to address new ideas, opportunities and challenges.

© Fred Felleman

© Fred Felleman

Cultural Change – Work with new Executive Director, Chief Legal Counsel, Director of Public Affairs, fellow Commissioners and recently hired Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to improve how the Port operates internally and how engages the public.

Environmental Leadership – Continue to lead Commission environmental initiatives and to encourage innovative approaches by staff with particular focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and impacts on neighboring communities.  Some specific goals include:

·       Complete evaluation of viability of bringing sustainable aviation fuels to the airport within 10 years.

·       Secure long-term contract for use of renewable natural gas to heat the airport terminal and run shuttle buses.

·       Advance passage of Low Carbon Fuel Standard legislation.

·       Electrify the waterfront to reduce ship idling.

·       Update MOU with cruise ships banning all discharges at dock.

·       Update 5-year NW Ports Clean Air Strategy.

·       Collaborate with Port of Vancouver to develop strategies to reduce ship noise as part of Governor’s Orca Task Force.

Oversight – A primary role of the Commission is to review all major Port expenditures and to assure the authorized work is completed as proposed and to evaluate discrepancies.  The redevelopment of Terminal 5, construction of a new cruise ship terminal and ongoing developments at the airport will all require detailed attention.

Inclusive Economic Opportunities – The Port and port-related industries afford many types of employment.  I’ll continue to expand those opportunities that include:

·       Ensure the Port’s Priority Hire program expands its collaboration with King County and Sound Transit.

·       Expand the Port’s internship program for both high school and recent graduates, ensuring that socio-economically disadvantaged, immigrant and minority communities are recruited to participate.

·       Fund a coordinator for the Youth Maritime Cooperative to increase collaboration between educators, labor and employers for career connected learning opportunities.

·       Complete Terminal 5 construction contract with a PLA.

·       Expand eco/cultural tourism funding and promotion.

·       Renegotiate Cab and TNC (Uber, Lyft) contracts to help ensure these drivers can earn a living wage.

·       Ensure that there continues to be expanding opportunities for minority and women-owned business at the airport.

Civil Rights and Equity – Provide support for recently hired Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to define priorities and goals both within the Port and how best to work with neighboring jurisdictions and communities. This will help ensure the Port continues to provide increasing opportunities for socio-economically disadvantaged, immigrant and minority communities.

Outreach and Inclusion – Significant developments planned for 2019 will present many opportunities for community engagement, including:

·       Review of the Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP)

·       Development of new cruise ship terminal at Pier 46.

·       Redevelopment of Terminal 5.

·       Continued oversight of Duwamish Clean up and restoration.