Fred Felleman is uniquely qualified to be the next Port of Seattle Commissioner. His proven environmental leadership and years of working with the Port Commission to protect the public interest and create sustainable jobs is unmatched.


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Port's first solar panels go up at Fishermen's Terminal

The solar panels installed at Fishermen's Terminal will serve as a pilot study, to see what works and how to expand it.

KING 5 Environmental Reporter Alison Morrow reports.



Fred Felleman was elected to the Port of Seattle Commission in 2015. Since taking office in 2016 he championed the creation of the Energy & Sustainability (E&S) Committee to advance innovative ways to reduce the Port’s greenhouse gas emissions. Two solar arrays have been installed on Port buildings and significant advances have been made toward the use of sustainable aviation fuels are two examples.

Fred currently serves as Vice President of the Port Commission. He continues to serve as co-chair of the E&S Committee and represents the Port on Governor Inslee’s Maritime Blue Task Force – an initiative to boost interest in and decarbonize the maritime industry. He serves on the Puget Sound Partnership Ecosystem Coordination Board and as a Trustee to the Washington Public Ports Association. He has served for two years on the Port of Seattle and NW Seaport Alliance Audit Committees. Created in 2015, the NW Seaport Alliance is a unique joint venture between the Port of Tacoma’s and Port of Seattle’s marine cargo terminals, overseen by the Commissioners from both ports.

In addition to helping assure the Port represents the public trust in a transparent and accountable fashion, Fred recognizes one of a Commissioner’s most important responsibilities is to elect its leader. Fred co-chaired the selection committee that lead to changing the job title from CEO to Executive Director to reflect the emphasis on public service. Retired Coast Guard Vice Admiral Steve Metruck, who Fred had worked with when he was Captain of the Port a decade earlier, was hired by the Commission as the Port’s Executive in 2017.

Fred has served on the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Growth Management Board to protect industrial lands from encroachment in order for the Port to provide the diverse and inclusive economic opportunities that have supported the cultural fabric of region. He also understands the importance of the Port being a good neighbor in order to retain the social license for businesses to succeed in an increasingly expensive region that has grown detached from the working waterfront. Fred supports initiatives such as the Youth Maritime Collaborative to recruite and retain a skilled workforce.

Fred is acutely aware of the nexus between environmental protection and social equity. He has worked with cab and drayage truck drivers to minimize economic and social dislocation as the Port addresses environmental challenges. He is also committed to minimizing negative impacts on communities neighboring the airport and Duwamish River. He co-chairs the Highline Forum which provides Southwest King County municipalities, and educational institutions with the opportunity to share information, and work on initiatives that benefit the residents of Southwest King County.

Fred has been a conservation leader in the Pacific Northwest’s marine environment for over three decades. He received his Bachelors of Science from the University of Michigan. His Masters of Science from the University of Washington where he researched Southern Resident killer whale feeding ecology which turned out to be valuable as he served on Governor Inslee’s Orca Task Force.

As the owner of WAVE Consulting, since 1989, he has advised a variety of local and national marine conservation organizations as well as local and tribal governments. He has long recognized the importance of sustainable fisheries and the need to work with those who depend on the marine environment to advance its long-term health.

His conservation work has focused on protecting Washington’s waters by advancing innovations the serve to reducing the environmental footprint of commercial vessels from cruise ship discharges to air emissions and oil spills. His work reflects a unique understanding of the environmental and economic ramifications of such efforts.

Some of his accomplishments include championing the creation of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, the establishment of the Neah Bay Emergency Response Tug, and numerous other state and federal oil spill prevention and response initiatives. He has also helped the Port of Seattle become the nation’s most environmentally advanced cruise ship homeport while it is also the most profitable. He achieved many of these accomplishments while serving as the NW Consultant for Friends of the Earth for over a decade during which time he has become keenly familiar with the Port’s policies and procedures which he is committed to continue to improve.

Fred grew up in New York and moved to Washington in 1981. He has lived in Ballard since 1990 where he raised his son and stays close to the briny source of his motivation for public service.